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        SPECIAL ITEMS----Too Late to Print:

Dear Poets & Artists,


We are looking for artists and poets to collaborate in an exhibition which will focus on what the women in our country hope to see for 2018 in regards to equality and the issues upon which they feel they have not been heard. This is a perfect platform to combine words with visual expression as it is a time when women are finding strength in numbers and in the movement towards gaining equality in the workplace as well as at home.


For this exhibition, we are planning to cover the walls of the gallery with poetry, possibly writing the poems directly on the gallery walls, along with work of art inspired by the poems. Performance, interactive, and spoken word art has also been discussed as a possibility.


Please make entries no longer than 350 words.


If you wish, if you are accepted in the show, an artist will be paired with you to collaborate on a visual representation of your work once all selections have been made. If you are an artist and a poet, please submit a sample of your art along with your writing.


We have also been entertaining the idea of having a temporary mural on the front of the building relating to the concept of the show. If you are specifically interested in this opportunity, we are open to individual artists submissions and/or communal/collaborative artworks.


Deadline to enter is March 1st, 2018


Jury date: March 4 or shortly after


Show Dates June 5 - June 30. Reception for the artists on June 9.



Abrams Claghorn Gallery

 1251 Solano Ave, Albany CA


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